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Hello Precious!
I'm so excited about this new website, I hope you like it and you can follow the blog as well. Now,  I would like to share with you where the brand name came from, but first I need to describe to you a little bit of what I think about life.

I believe that the most important thing is to be happy, because with this we can achieve everything else. And small moments are enough to make us happy, a good conversation, a good food or even a meditation. What is your moment that makes you happy?

Life is made of moments and these moments define who you are. Every moment is precious, so everyone is precious!

It's not the simple fact of buying a jewelry that makes you happy, but what's behind that matters. The receipt moment, for exemple, when you realize that the product was even better than you thought, or when you wear it and feel good, and this is the most important of the moments! To feel special and precious!

So, enjoy the precious times that life offers to you.

Jacqueline Precious Life because everyone is precious!
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Have a precious week!
Jewelry set necklace
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Necklace Gold Plated Leaf Natural Blue Turquoise 4mm - N400013

Necklace Long Chain Gold Plated Hoops Natural Blue Turquoise 4mm - N400014

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