Work outfit - Not boring at all!

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Hello Precious!

Today's tip is a work outfit with Lapis Lazuli jewelry. If  you don't like to wake up early, it's just to separate clothes and accessories 1 day before, you don't need to go to work with a boring outfit. Your image at work is also important for your professional career, you have to look professional and this look fits perfectly. If your job requires a more formal look, it's fine, just wear a suit and change the accessories for smaller ones, click here to see the Lapis Lazuli Collection. It's always good to have more options for different occasions.

Have a precious work!

Work outfit Lapis Lazuli Jewelry set necklace bracelet earrings

Click on the links below to see more details:

Bracelet Gold Plated Leafs Natural Lapis Lazuli 8mm - B800017

Earrings Gold Plated Leafs Natural Lapis Lazuli 8mm - E8000024

Necklace Gold Plated Leafs Natural Lapis Lazuli 8mm - N800027


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  • Love this post and your blog!
    Keep sharing with us. :)

    Nishat Mahmud on

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